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Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

One of the reasons to keep calm owning parrots - ha! #archietheparrot #macawsofinstagram #macaws #blueandgoldmacaw

Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

Archie's friend Tango. #archietheparrot #macawsofinstagram #macaw #vancouverisawesome #vancouverisland

....And my mother will say "na my turn abi"and you will angrily go to wash it. One job i dread so much while growing up was washing pot used in preparing agidi(just dont ask me the name in English ooo,cos i dont even know biko🙄🙈).Okoo now i remember its Eko in english(and somebody will come to form yoruba teacher,let me get my cain first😆😆). . But nowadays,it is very easy,NON STICKY POT are just God sent right?but is our non sticky pots safe for our health? . Non sticky pots contain perfluorooctanoic acid(PFOA) which studies show that they are carcinogens(induces cancer growth),its injurious to liver,it affects growth and development in children,also infertility🙆🏽🙆🏽. . Please has somebody else notice the in flow of non sticky cooking ware in our thrift stores aka second hand shops?Yes oyibos are now getting informed about the dangers of these ware,they are now discarding them,but our nija hustlers are gathering them and bringing them to us to buy and use and kuku die abi?😳😳.God pass them jare💪🏾💪🏾.You have just being informed,stay clear from them oo,lets go back to our CAST POTS,STAINLESS STEEL POT BUT NOT ALUMINIUM POT biko,that one is another time bomb. .Lets sacrifice extra time to wash our Amala,semo pot by soaking them with water but our health matters a lot.Next time the madam thrift shop calls you to buy those pots ,say after me "GET YEA BEHIND ME SATAN"😆😆.who still have non sticky pots at home,raise your hand joor🙌🏾🙌🏾. . . #agbalanwanyihasspoken . #madamherbalisthasspoken

SEAFOOD STEW OKRO!!!! With tigernut swallow 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 We the best! When it comes to healthy food and snacks call us we have this and much more for your lunch 🥙 09091765500 or 09025252625

Ahhh im so exited for troyes new single and my bird is adorable😂 . . . . . . . . . . . Tags #troyesivan #newsingle #mymy #5days #timessquare #archietheparrot #eclectusparrot

Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

Is it really Christmas Week??? Arcihie and I just got done with Black Tie Friday! #woodythecat #archietheparrot

Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

More stuff. Doesn't take long to $2k here. #archietheparrot #macawsofinstagram #macaw #blueandgoldmacaw

#valentines #14feb #takingorders #place yours #romantic #love#nellies we can tailor make your special valentines bouquet #🌹🌹🌹

Love these red hearts why not add one of these to your valentines bouquet #❤️Flowers #14Feb #nellies

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Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

Archie made a new friend today in a shop very close to the loft once we lived in. #archietheparrot #gastown

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Handing out treats with this sick Pirate and her bird. And hired security in case things get outta hand. #catsofinstagram #halloweencostume #halloween2017 #piratesrock #marleynharley #archietheparrot @ashlyn.seltzer