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The 2014 Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Conference
Thursday, May 29, 2014

The 2014 Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Conference - VancouverThe 2014 Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Conference - Sponsored By

8AM to 4:30PM

Join the Equity Crowdfunding Alliance of Canada May 29 to hear from four CEO’s of Canadian Equity Crowdfunding Portals – learn about the criteria for getting listed and how they connect ventures with investors. You’ll also hear from VCs/Angels on how they plan to capitalize on equity crowdfunding, and from various experts on how to run a successful equity crowdfunding campaign from beginning to end.

You will benefit from participation if you are a:

  • Start-up or growth stage entrepreneur or innovator seeking alternative fundraising options and practical, step-by-step tips on running a successful equity crowdfunding campaign;
  • Private/angel investor or venture capitalist seeking information on how best to work with crowdfunded companies and on opportunities that crowdfunding may create for you;
  • Crowdfunding platform provider who is promoting a portal in the capital of innovation and private investments;
  • Marketing specialist, legal advisor, accountant or other service professional looking for new clients and partners;
  • Business or law student interested in the areas of securities, private investment, entrepreneurial initiatives, and marketing;
  • Journalist and business blogger searching for new topics of interest; or
  • Participant considering supporting crowdfunding projects or investing in businesses through crowdfunding.


Your ticket price includes:

- Continental Breakfast
- Continuous refreshments breaks offered the entire day

- Buffet Lunch

There is LIMITED SEATING for this hot topic event

Order tickets online here -